Our Stories

Eliss is specifically committed to provide health and beauty products based on quality, care and elegance in tandem with the environment. It is a brand distributed under the patronage of Akas Legacy Sdn Bhd (1197399-D) based in Ampang, Selangor. All products are sold online throughout Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Eliss was founded by Mrs. Suhaili Binti Mohd Zain (Sally) and her husband of Mr. Ahmad Sabri bin Ahmad Nadzri (Sabri). The brand “Eliss” obtained its “Registered” status in January 2017.

The name ‘Eliss’ is selected in-line with the health and beauty products that have the Natural All-Exclusive characteristics.

All of Eliss products gained encouraging testimonies and satisfied customers through the quality and the goodness of Eliss products since its introduction. ELISS products are the results of research and development (R & D) of local scientists, and obtained the approval of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and also the certification JAKIM as a HALAL product.

Our Vission

“A preferred brand of health and beauty, supplying specially formulated, tested and proven solutions.”

Our Mission

1. We are a business entity.
2. We provide health and beauty products focusing on quality formulation.
3. Our solutions help to elevates self-esteem and self-worth to pursue greater success.
4. We aspire to facilitate the acceleration of each individual’s financial independence so as to create a stronger nation.

Our Values


Women and beauty are inseparable and they are so passionate in sustaining external and internal beauty. At ELISS, your DREAMS are our GOALS. Looking Beautiful Naturally.

“There is never just one thing that leads to success. It is always a combinations of passion, hard work, consistent, focus and keep moving. Successful people make mistakes but they don’t quit.”Mrs Sally.