Who Should Join Us?

✔ Students who look for SIDE INCOME
✔ Those who want to settle their PTPTN loans
✔ Those who ‘POKAI’ every month
✔ Housewives who need extra incometo assist their family financially
✔ Employees who want extra money to cover their monthly expenses
✔ Workers who intend to ‘resign’ and venture into business at home while taking care of children
✔ Online dealers who prioritize quality and customer satisfaction
✔ Dealers who are looking for products that provides lucrative profits

Why You Must Join Us?

✔ We want you to join us as we offer a high profit margin while we provide marketing seminars besides providing avenues like ‘support groups’ on Telegram.
✔ We offer online system for order record and database.
✔ In addition to high profits, the Company will reward them accordingly for their achievement.
✔ Chance to attend Seminars and Courses on Marketing Techniques.
✔ HQ will practice strict price control. All levels are protected and any non-compliance with the prescribed rates, will be dealt with legal action.

Eliss Activities

Stockist Training


Family Day



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