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Eliss MummyCool Shampoo (EMC) is a coconut oil and sea grass based shampoo with a mixture of safe chemical compounds. It is specially produced to provide freshness to the scalp with the presence of menthol, maintaining the health of the scalp, prevent hair loss, treat damaged hair and strengthen hair roots.

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Your hair is your head suit, so why not take care of it with the most effective products? Washing your hair using a EMC not only keeps your scalp dandruff-free, it really blows more advantages than you might think. Mentioned below are the benefits why you should be shampooed and conditioning to make your hair smoother & beautiful:


  1. Cooling and scalp-stimulating effects
  2. Treat hair-loss
  3. Fights with Dryness
  4. Calms the Itch
  5. Relieves Irritation
  6. Controls Oiliness
  7. Removes Flakes
  8. Keeps Hair Beautiful
  9. An effective remedy to the problem of hair loss
  10. Makes it stronger and shinier after every usage




It is a liquid with natural fragrance. Its  menthol formula


gives a cool and refreshing sensation to the scalp while eliminating itchiness. It comes in a special bottles that only need to be pressed 1-2 times for each application according to the thickness of your hair. Always start from the root of your hair.

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Weight 220 g


The main ingredients contained in the EMC are:

Cocamidopropyl Betaine (from Coconut Oil)

This compound of coconut oil is a natural substance used to neutralize excess oil content on the scalp as well as providing moisture to dry scalp problems.

Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (Seaweed)

It is an important ingredient in EMC where it decreases as well as prevents hair loss. High sea grass minerals also provide healthy hair. It helps in strengthening the hair roots and its follicles for a thick and shiny hair.

Lauryl glucoside

Foam and conditioner agent in EMC. Lauryl glucoside has a foaming capacity and good dermatological compatibilities for the skin. It also acts as a mild conditioner derived from vegetables. Makes the hair soft and manageable.


Menthol is an active ingredient that is also included in EMC for a cooling effect and stimulate the scalp to keep it fresh. This shampoo is formulated to ensure a healthy scalp whereby protecting your hair from being brittle, dry and easily breaking and other damages for years to come. Besides, it will make your hair smell fresh and look shiny.

Content: 200ml
Weight: 220g


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